The PPFD8C pressurized dome housing is sealed and charged with dry nitrogen. The nitrogen charge provides maximum protection from moisture, dust and insects, elements that normally would cause costly deterioration of video components in other housings

Pressurized camera housing for Panasonic unitized dome cameras
Constructed of durable engineered plastic top, 94VO, with UV protected and acrylic lower dome
Standard with pendant mount
Meets CE and IP67 standards
Optional PWM20G gooseneck mount for wall mount applications
Pressurized to 5 psi
Schraeder valve
Relief valve
Pressurized indicatior
Multi-pin sealed connector
50W heater turns on a t 40 degrees F and off at 60 degrees F
Power and video surge protector
Weighs 8 lbs. (without camera)
13.0" H X 11.5" W x 11.5" D