The WV-BP140 Series black and white cameras emphasize high resolution and sensitivity and employ advanced image adjustment functions producing flexibility. By utilizing a 1/3-type CCD (251,000 pixels), horizontal resolution is 380 lines, with a low 46dB S/N ratio. Minimum illumination of 0.08 lux (0.008 fc) is achieved when used with a F1.4 lens. This camera has various image adjustment functions including Backlight Compensation (BLC) and Electronic Light Control. An ELC function allows for the changing of shutter speeds up to 1/120,000 second. This allows for sharper images, even in limited lighting conditions.
The WV-BP140 Series is the perfect addition for CCTV surveillance applications.

1/3" CCD pick-up element with 510 (H) x 492 (V) pixels provides 380 lines of horizontal resolution
Minimum illumination of 0.08 lx (0.008 fx) at F1.4
Advanced Electronic Light Control (ELC) allows for the use of fixed iris lenses.
Selectable Back-Light Compensation feature
Selectable auto iris control from a video signal or DC control signal
Accepts C-and CS-mount lenses
The maximum extensible coaxial cable length between the camera and the monitor